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I found Heather's site - everythingunderthemoon.net and really liked the free information there.  She had a lot of love spells that I could do myself, only I didn't really trust myself to do them right.  She says if that's the case, you should try calastrology.com, which I did.  I was really happy, too, cause there spells were really cheap, only $25.  Heather said some really positive things about them.

Well, I tried soooo many spells from them, and have yet to see any results.  And it's been over a year now!  I found out later that Heather doesn't actually use the spells, but she is a paid affiliate of them.  So basically she works for them promoting their site, and gets some money everytime she makes a sale.  She even talks about how she makes thousands of dollars a month from their website, on one of her search engine blogs.  I mean, I guess I know people make money this way, but I was kind of upset, especially when the spells didn't work.  

Has anyone else tried their spells?  Did they work for you, and if so, which ones?